PASEO METAMÓRFICO · a comic about a territorial injustice

Pina and John are travelling to Barcelona for the first time and they are so looking forward to jump in the sea. Once landed, they figured out that there is a huge portion the city facing the sea but without possibility of interaction: the Port Vell. A series of obstacles are physically dividing them from the water, generating a strong discomfort.

They will have to circumnavigate completely the entire area before arriving to Barceloneta beach and start swimming!!! And they ask themselves “is it fair to preclude to the most such an important resource as the sea?”.

The fence ends representing the territorial injustice perpetuated among the city. What can we do to give back to people – both residents and tourists – a space of the city which should belong to them? A series of ephemeral, metamorphic and light interventions to transform this area in a place for everybody is a possible answer. The idea of John and Pina is to organise a festival on this metamorphic waterfront, or why not more than one!

The dolphins of the Barcelona aquarium would be swimming and enjoying this space, as far as rowers and other athletes. Concerts, shows and performance can take place on floating platforms. More and more ideas are coming to their mind, and you? What would you like to do in the Port Vell of Barcelona? Comments your proposals and we will forward it to our beloved John and Pina. And do not forget to read the complete comic down here!


“Un paseo metamórfico · un comic sobre la injusticia territorial” has been elaborated in the framework of the Master Metropolis – Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, April 2020.