STAGED NATURE · Zoo of zoos

“Staged Nature – Zoo of Zoos” offers an opportunity to reflect on the role of the zoos and zoological gardens on our contemporary cities, with a special focus on the Lisbon Zoo the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula. The zoo originally was located in the Parque de S. Sebastião – where today are Calouste Gulbenkian…

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PAIS(VI)AGEM · guidelines for Guaraqueçaba Bay

Tourism and landscape form part of an interactive binomial of dependence: there is no tourist development without a landscape; it also seems that landscapes, especially those called cultural landscapes, need tourism as an economic activity to be sustained (Goula, Spanou and Perez Rumpler, 2012 · download). Pais(vi)agem aims to introduce the ecotourism concept in the…

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PASEO METAMÓRFICO · a comic about a territorial injustice

Pina and John are travelling to Barcelona for the first time and they are so looking forward to jump in the sea. Once landed, they figured out that there is a huge portion the city facing the sea but without possibility of interaction: the Port Vell. A series of obstacles are physically dividing them from…

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