Last September pais(vi)gem joined the Advisory Board of the GTG – Green Tourism Group, based in Wien. The objective is to collaborate on an Executive summary of a Master Plan on Sustainable Tourism Development in Albania.



Albania is uniquely positioned to become one of Europe’s top sustainable tourism destinations. Today, it has some of the most unspoiled and stunning natural landscapes, a favorable climate for tourism and a fascinating mix of cultural traditions that are still alive and well today. This gives it the potential to become in the near future one of Europe’s most iconic and successful “green tourism” destinations, if a new government commits to new policies and follows the principles of the 3 pillars of sustainability: support social welfare, protect the environment and enhance profitability of managed economic growth.


Unspoiled natural landscapes, high Alpine mountains, lakes, large national parks, large rivers, protected historic villages and sites, a modern capital, one of the most pristine coastlines in Europe and a rich and diverse cultural history make Albania a most attractive high-quality tourism destination to be carefully developed and managed, working with all stakeholders to place it among the most sought-after regenerative and adventure travel experiences in Europe, as well as one of its most authentic cultural experiences.

The final objective is to quantify the portion of the city devoted to tourism and to calculate its speed of growth.

Measuring touristification: an urban diagnostics approach