Tourism architecture

Tourism represents one of the most important social, economic and cultural phenomena of recent decades. The process of democratization of tourism that has taken place in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century has led to a great transformation of both the coastal and the rural landscapes in most of the Mediterranean countries.

 Touristic architecture has always been considered secondary, due to its connotation as “unnecessary”.

Tourism architecture has long been considered second-class for different reasons, generally related to its economic nature. In recent years it has gained more importance and consideration in both academic and professional debate. Among the different initiatives, the edition of the issue of the magazine of the foundation dedicated to the “Architectures of the sun”, which recreates a journey between the most important tourist architectures at a global level, and the network “Leisurescapes” based at the University of Cyprus which brings together experts from around the world and organises workshops and prestigious thematic publications (

Pedregal landscape sequences

In a society where it is easy to be “liquid” but more difficult to be spontaneous, touristic architecture is just another space limited by social, economic and cultural constrictions.

The main line of research is the comparative and multidisciplinary study on the valorization of the tourist architectural heritage and the analysis of its territorial impact on the populations of both the coast and the interior. In this framework, the general objective of the proposal is the valorisation of the tourism architecture heritage, through the cataloguing of the existing architectures in the territory and their typological study.

Tourism architecture: valorization and protection of an material and intangible heritage



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