Pais(vi)agem is an independent research group which aims to investigate the relation between tourism, landscapes and local communities.

Enrico Porfido and Claudia Sani co-founded pais(vi)agem in 2015. Later they started new adventures in different countries, but they kept working together on their passions. Enrico received his PhD with a research about a new touristic model for Albania’s coastal landscape and he is now based in Barcelona working as researcher and freelance. Claudia moved to France, where she became a project manager in the office Urban Act, dealing with urban ecology and social district regeneration. In 2020, Elisa Brunelli joined the members’ board. She is an architect with working experience in Italy, Portugal and The Netherlands. Today she works as public space designer in the Amsterdam Municipality.

Today pais(vi)agem is a professional network, which gathers members and collaborators spread all around the world. We develop research and design projects, as far as consultancy services, collaborating with several public and private institutions.

In 2020, pais(vi)agem won the Public Prize of the Future Architecture platform Call for Ideas.
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Enrico Porfido
Barcelona, Spain

Claudia Sani
Paris, France

Elisa Brunelli
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Collaborators / Cynthia Pérez (Barcelona, Spain), Paula Monteiro (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Giuseppe Resta (Ankara, Turkey), Lucrezia Biasutti (Copenhagen, Denmark) – to be continued.