Tourism as a booster for both natural and urban landscapes regeneration: are we dreaming?

Pais(vi)agem was born in south Brazil during a field trip in a site with an amazing landscape. A small but motivated local community surrounded by a dramatic nature. Local community played a central role in enhancing local development processes. And this is what we wanted to work on: territorial self-awareness. Only knowing what surrounds us, we can protect it. Tourism becomes a tool for territorial exploration and a way to enforce local communities.

Mapping the territorial potential – enriched with tourism design projects and strategies – allows us to evaluate risks and opportunities of that specific area. Because there is no tourism without landscapes, but also landscapes need an economic support.

Pais(vi)agem aims to design an innovative analytic tool for monitoring the tourism impact on local ecosystems and to export worldwide a new territorial development model based on tourism-landscape-community.


PAIS(VI)AGEM means COMMUNITY, TOURISM and LANDSCAPE, three elements which act in the same TERRITORIAL MATRIX at both NATURAL and URBAN systems.

Enrico Porfido – cofounder – presents the paisviagem’s mission during the Future Architecture Creative Exchange Event 2020 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

What’s TOURISM for us?


An opportunity for learning from who is different, from what is different.
We call back to the Gran Tour, but with the democratic feature of mass tourism.

And at the same time is an ECONOMIC RESOURCE.
We call back to the protection theories, but with a drop of intermediate perturbation.


PAIS(VI)AGEM aims to find a balance between those elements in their own TERRITORY.
Our research plays on the dichotomy natural-urban, pushing it to the extremes.

NATURAL · The system where tourism is still an outsider, where local communities strive for their own landscapes. Here tourism is the missing link, an opportunity to provide resources for protection and growth.

URBAN · The system where tourism is over-appropriating, where local communities loose contact with their landscapes. Here tourism represent a limitation among them, generating social and economic conflicts which harms the balance.

PAISVIAGEM is our meeting point,
where to discuss, experiment, grow and make the difference.